• Steve Dudley

Daily Dudley - Episode #36 - My Proven Process

Clarity + Confidence + Conviction = Remarkable Achievements

My proven process wrapped up in 2 minutes. It works in all situations, with millionaires conquering new ground and with startups fresh out of the blocks.

If you want to do something remarkable then its starts with clarity. Clarity within, clarity in direction, clarity in what, who and how.

Building confidence is the reverse of what everyone thinks it is. Confidence is NOT doing something well over and over again. Confidence is doing the hard part, failing, learning, trying again and failing again. Because growth lies at the edge of failure.

Conviction is a belief system. An ultimate belief in yourself and in your dreams. You can’t change the world until you believe.

Remarkable progress and achievement come from you being the Buffalo and chasing after the things that scare you most.


  by Steven Dudley - "The only thing that's holding you back is you"

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