• Steve Dudley

Daily Dudley - Episode #48 - Similarities Between Entrepreneurs and Athletes

The Daily Dudley is evolving... as I started to get more and more feedback on my short daily videos, I started to realize that they are just as helpful to athletes as well as E’s.

When I sat down to think about it and research more, the similarities and parallels were astonishing.

1: Passion 2: Vision 3: Tenacity and work rate 4: Diversity and flexibility 5: Outside the Box and against the grain 6: Tolerance of pain and fear = Buffalos 🐃

Both willingly walk into the storm to make progress.

Both groups have what it takes to grow, to evolve and to level up because of their mindset to reach for more. Both accept that doing the hard things gets you closer to success.


  by Steven Dudley - "The only thing that's holding you back is you"

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